Kemp Trucking August 24 2012

Leased to Watkins Motor Lines
3629 Park Ridge Drive ~ Grand Prairie, Texas 75052

I am the owner of an International 235 Cummings. I, as well as 17 other owner/operators which are all leased to Watkins, are using Lube-Control 20 and Lube-Control FP60 60. I cannot say enough about these two products! They deliver what they promise! They CAN make an engine run smoother! 

Let me explain. When I was approached to try Lube-Control 20 (oil) and Lube-Control FP60 60 (fuel) I had doubts. Another product.

Another promise of performance. But this time I had results! And what wonderful results they were! 

The results from the Dyno-Test at Cummings on Irving Boulevard in Dallas were tremendous. Before these products were put in my unit the power was down, fuel mileage was down, and it was using oil. After the Lube-Control products were added we re-tested on Dyno after 1,000 miles. My power has increased, my fuel mileage increased by 1/2 mile or better, and the usage of oil has been cut in half in only two weeks. I now have 18,000 miles on the oil and will have the oil analyzed by DARR. 

I just bought 12 gallons of Lube-Control products which I will continue using in my tractor as well as my personal vehicles. 

Anyone seeking to improve their fleet performance, please feel free to contact me. 

Earl Kemp, Owner