Lake Dallas Independent School District August 24 2012

315 Hundley Drive ~ Box 548 ~ Lake Dallas, Texas 75065

Lake Dallas ISD is now in their third year of using Lube-Control 20 and Lube-Control FP60 60 in all equipment including 25 school buses and all maintenance equipment. We have cut our purchases of motor oil and ATF in half. Using both products in crankcases, automatic tranmissions and power steering units plus diesel fuel and gasoline, mileage has increased close to two (2) MPG are we have practically eliminated black smoke, which means less pollution. We use DARR Equipment Company in Dallas, Texas for our fluid analysis of oil and

ATF and the following analysis proves these products don't cost...THEY SAVE! 

As Transportation Director I have instructed our shop to (1) change filter at 10,000 miles, (2) another oil analysis at 20,000 miles before changing oil in crankcase. 

Let me give you another example of how great these products are. Six months ago we had a bus that was not shifting correctly. Our shop put Lube-Control 20 in the transmission and ran for 45 minutes sitting in gear. To this day that bus still shifts great and is still running which saved us a transmission overhaul. 

We highly recommend Lube-Control product and will continue to use these products ourself. Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss our success further. 

Wendy Konz, Transportation Director 

John Jenkins, Shop Maintenance Supervisor