Durham Transportation August 24 2012

To Whom It May Concern: 
I am a single female taking care of my own car, a '92 GM Storm. Lube-Control has kept it running smoothly for the past seven years. I highly recommend this product to everyone! My car has over 73,000 miles on it and is running great! 

Betty Simpson - Durham ID # 08637, employed with Durham for 13 years 


I am a firm believer in Lube-Control FP60 60 and Lube-Control 20 (oil). I also use Lube-Control 20 in my power steering and transmisson.

My 1998 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup has over 211,000 miles on it. After seven years of using these products my engine is still very clean and all components of this vehicle run great! Lube-Control does what it says it does! 

Ron Dunlop - Durham ID # 10518, employed with Durham for 11 years 


I own a Ford F-250 Dually International Diesel and I pull a 38' fifth wheel. With the use of Lube-Control products I have increased my fuel mileage and it has helped keep my injectors working properly. My neighbor and I travel together. He has a twin unit and he has had to replace two injectors. He now buys Lube-Control and has had smooth running of his injectors, engine and other components ever since. 

Bill Eamans - Durham ID # 15820, employed with Durham for 4 years 


My name is Tracy French and I am a former employee of Durham Transportation (ID # 13147). I have a Ford Aerostar with over 157,000 miles. I have been using Lube-Control products for over seven years and my van still runs great! I highly recommend Lube-Control to all who wish to have a smoother running automobile with fantastic performance. 

Tracy French, former employee of Durham Transportation