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Clean, Lubricate and Protect Both Sides of your engine for Optimal Performance

Our products have been helping customers for over 50 years.  From large fleets to individual users our products help maintain optimal performance.

The LCD system of additives works on oil and fuel to create an environment for your engine to run more efficiently. Our customers have seen increased horsepower, improved gas mileage, improved emissions and reduced maintenance costs through consistent use of these products.

All of these benefits are good for your vehicle AND the environment. In addition, our new FP Plus line of fuel additives utilizes a renewable resource which offers a cleaner burn as well as giving you the comfort of using a "GREEN" product. 

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Engine Analysis performed with Cummins demonstrated approximately 5% improvement in Horsepower.



Test performed with the city of Mexico City showed significant reduction in Emissions with Auto’s and Diesel Trucks.