Customer Responses & Fleet Testimonials

Customer Responses:

"What sets our products apart from the competition?"

Fleet Testimonials

What our Fleet customers say...

“They work and ongoing cost of use (per quart, per mile, per gallon, etc) is really low.”

“They work as advertised.”

“The fact that they have a reputation for doing what you say they will do by so many users.”

“They work.”

“Your product actually works.  With few exceptions, others don’t work or do not work nearly as well as Lube Control / Fuel Power.”

“First off, the product does exactly what is claimed, refreshing to say the least.  Secondly, the cost per mile is reasonable given the trade off of convenience.  Thirdly, if you use too much you may waste some $$ but no damage is done.”

“They seem to work.”

“From first hand use they do what is advertised.”

“They’re reasonably priced, they have reputable testimonials, and they do work.  Can’t say that about every one of the competitors.”

“They work, and there’s no excessive hype.”

“Advertised performance and exceeds stated benefits.”

“Price and actual results.”

“The cross platform use (gas & diesel).  And the time tested advantage.”

“FP really works.  It helped smooth out the idle on my truck after running your engine and fuel additives I have found my lost power due to carbon build up In the engine.  My truck runs smooth and it’s clean as a whistle.”

“They work better than anything I’ve ever used.”

Durham Transportation, Lewisville, TX:  “I have found that after using these products in 200 school buses, that we not only increased the gas mileage by 1.5 mpg, we also increased the lifespan of the electrical systems.”  

Lake Dallas ISD, Lake Dallas, TX:  “Lake Dallas ISD uses LCD products in all equipment including 25 school buses and all maintenance equipment.  We have cut our purchases of motor oil and ATF in half.  Using both products in crankcases, automatic transmissions and power steering units plus diesel fuel and gasoline, mileage has increased close to 2 MPG and we have practically eliminated black smoke, which means less pollution.” 

Chase Plumbing, Coppell, TX:  “Since our purchase of LC20 and FP60, we have extended the life of our oil from oil changes every 3,000 – 4,000 miles to over 10,000 between changes.  We have noticed an increase in fuel mileage of between ½ and 2 miles per gallon. 

City of Highland Village, TX:  “We have found that by using your products we can increase our mileage from 1 to 3 miles per gallon, and have less down time due to engine failure or starting problems”

"What sets our products apart from the competition?"

Our product range

FP60 Starter Kit

1 Quart each of FP 60 and LC 20. Treats 160 gallons of diesel or gas...


FP Plus Starter Kit

 1 Quart each of FP Plus and LC 20. Treats 320 gallons of gasoline and 1...


FP60 32 OZ

Treats 160 gallons of Diesel or Gasoline at a treatment rate of 1 oz to 5...


LC20 32 OZ

Treats oil with an initial rate of 1 oz  per qt each oil change.  Maintenance rate...


FP PLUS for Gasoline (quart)

Treats 320 gallons of gasoline at a rate of 1 oz per 10 gallons. Made from...


Measuring bottle16 oz

16 ounce measuring bottle ideal for use with gallons.



Engine Analysis performed with Cummins demonstrated approximately 5% improvement in Horsepower.



Test performed with the city of Mexico City showed significant reduction in Emissions with Auto’s and Diesel Trucks.