Customer Survey

Responses in a Recent Customer Survey

What, in your opinion, sets our products apart from our competitors?

“They work and ongoing cost of use (per quart, per mile, per gallon, etc) is really low.” 

“They work as advertised.” 

“The fact that they have a reputation for doing what you say they will do by so many users.” 

“They work.” 

“Your product actually works. With few exceptions, others don’t work or do not work nearly as well as Lube Control / Fuel Power.” 

“First off, the product does exactly what is claimed, refreshing to say the least. Secondly, the cost per mile is reasonable given the trade off of convenience. Thirdly, if you use too much you may waste some $$ but no damage is done.” 

“They seem to work.” 


“They’re reasonably priced, they have reputable testimonials, and they do work. Can’t say that about every one of the competitors.” 

“They work, and there’s no excessive hype.” 

“Advertised performance and exceeds stated benefits.” 

“Price and actual results.” 

“The cross platform use (gas & diesel). And the time tested advantage.” 

“FP really works. It helped smooth out the idle on my truck after running your engine and fuel additives I have found my lost power due to carbon build up In the engine. My truck runs smooth and it’s clean as a whistle.” 

“Very unique products. I had not heard of them until I used the internet to do some research on synthetic oils. Ultimately I read of your product being discussed on web stie, where you are a sponsor. Decided to try it based on these discussions. Have not done an oil analysis yet using LC, so too soon for me to say. FP is working very nicely in several of our cars, so I am very happy with this product.” 

“They work better than anything I’ve ever used.” 

“From first hand use they do what is advertised.” 

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Engine Analysis performed with Cummins demonstrated approximately 5% improvement in Horsepower.



Test performed with the city of Mexico City showed significant reduction in Emissions with Auto’s and Diesel Trucks.