Commonly asked questions and answers. 

1. What is FP60 (FP)?
Combination of solvents with a highly refined special oil.

2. Why does FP improve throttle response?
The combination of LC and FP, LC being in the oil, will cause less friction which will let the fuel burn more efficiently.

3. Why does my automobile start more easily when I use FP?
When there is no carbon or varnish on the internal engine parts it allows the pistons to be free of friction.

4. Is FP toxic?

5. Will FP damage paint?

6. Why does FP decrease visible smoke in the exhaust of my engine?
You're burning the fuel more efficiently.

7. Why does FP decrease engine vibrations?
LC and FP will eliminate the varnish and carbon inside the engine components allowing the engine to be more synchronized.

8. What are the long-term effects of using FP in my engine?
Cleaner, more efficient engine. 

9. Why does FP improve torque?
Do not claim it does.

10. What happens if I put too much FP in my gasoline?
Will not hurt, just wasting the product.

11. Will FP damage my catalytic converter?
Not to our knowledge, at this time we have had no complaints. 

12. Does FP work as well in an engine with a carburetor as one with a fuel injector?
Sure will.

13. Will FP effect the oxygen sensor in my car?
We have had no complaints of this happening.

14. Does FP improve mileage in all cars?
We don't know the engine, driver, climates, but yes in most cases a more efficient engine will have better mileage.

15. How does FP effect engine timing?
In older models it can change the timing, we have had to readjust the timing in some cases.

16. Will FP improve the octane rating of gasoline?
Has not been rated.

17. Will storing these products in a unheated garage have a negative effect on the product?
No, cold or hot tempeatures should not effect LC or FP. Freezing may occur at -20F.

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Engine Analysis performed with Cummins demonstrated approximately 5% improvement in Horsepower.



Test performed with the city of Mexico City showed significant reduction in Emissions with Auto’s and Diesel Trucks.