Government of Mexico

Government of Mexico

An Independent Test was commissioned and performed through the Ecological Department of the Government of Mexico. The Test was run in 1992 on 3 gasoline engines of various cylinder requirements and a Perkins Diesel Engine. 


Before the additive was added, the three gasoline units were tested with a "CVS" equipment following the "FIP-74" Cycle and in accordance with the Mexican offical norms DGN-AA-11-1980.
After adding the additive, each vehicle was tested under the same conditions in the preceding point.
Tests wer carried out in the Diesel engine to obtain a reference as to power and opacity of smoke.


“In accordance with results obtained, the FP 60 additive and the LC 20 additive on gasoline vehicles reduces by 23% CO emissions, by 12.4% the HC emissions and by 26.4% the nitrogen oxides.” 
“In what refers to the Diesel engine, there was a decrease of 3% in the delivery of fuel and a power increase of 2%, improving the torque by 4%, mainly the take-off torque. This enables us to conclude that there was an efficiency in the engine of up to 7%.” 

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Engine Analysis performed with Cummins demonstrated approximately 5% improvement in Horsepower.



Test performed with the city of Mexico City showed significant reduction in Emissions with Auto’s and Diesel Trucks.